Mastodon Servers For Game Developers (And Other Creators)

There is a growing variety of servers which could be a good choice for accounts related to games, or other creative fields.

No matter which server you join, you will be able to follow and connect with people using other servers. However… by choosing a server, you’re also choosing an admin, a set of rules, and the person/people that will be enforcing (or failing to enforce) those rules. This can have a big impact on your experience. You can change to another server later without losing your followers, but you’ll have a better time if you choose a server that matches your values and the way that you intend to use your account.

I’ve tried to give accurate summaries here, but be sure to read the About page of servers you’re interested in to make sure they’re a good fit for you.
Inspired by, a place for independent creators of all sorts, including independent art, comics, music, table top games, video games or the written word.
For game makers of all disciplines and all levels of experience, games media, the wider industry of games focused content creation.
A new and inclusive gamer focused instance: We welcome everyone who enjoys any type of gaming - it doesn’t just need to be video games.
Instance for Queer Game Developers / Game Industry adjacent folks. A strong focus on providing a safe space for queer /LGBQIA+ folks in the Games Industry.
A large and well established server. An inclusive creative community for creators of artwork of all types, such as illustration, design, 3D modelling, gamedev, photography, songwriting, composing, creative writing, performance art, poetry, ceramics, typography, sculpture, fibre arts, and more.
A smaller, cozy server for creators and makers of all kinds: artists, writers, designers, game developers, musicians, crafters, and so on. For personal accounts only (bands, creative duos etc. also ok). Same admin as
This site! Provided as an alternative to self hosting for game studios or projects. Not for gamer/personal/general community accounts, sorry!

Other Lists
The admin of maintains a similar list at which also includes some servers that are more oriented to gamers vs. game devs.
An opt-in list curated by the Mastodon project developer.

Find Your Friends

There are several tools which help to automatically find your Twitter friends on Mastodon
This is the one I’ve used, and had no issues. You can even export as CSV and import the entire list into your Mastodon account.