collage image in various styles with logo. an elf character in the bottom left, casts a spell and faces off against a fire breathing dragon in the opposite corner, along the top is a spaceship flying through space, and along the bottom stands a voxel character with a staff, standing on a pixelated platform

A home on the fediverse for indie game projects and studios.

What’s this for? is provided by Tentacle Head Games as an alternative to self hosting for indie game projects or studios who want a Mastodon/fediverse presence.

For personal accounts, there are a growing variety of options. Some of these instances may also be suitable for project or studio accounts.

Another good option – for studios that have the resources – is to self-host your own instance, where you have complete control over the instance policy and content, but not everyone is going to have the time, interest, or resources to do that.

If you haven’t found a suitable instance for your indie game project or studio, and aren’t interested in self-hosting at the moment, then might be for you!

Why should I join?

Why shouldn’t I join?

No matter which instance you join, you will be able to follow and interact with users on other instances across the fediverse.

It’s possible and expected that you will follow accounts on other instances, your account doesn’t need to be on the same instance as your audience. Even if you join a large instance with many users, it’s likely that many, if not most, of your followers will end up being from other servers.

Where else could I sign up?